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Why book with CarRentalSavers.ca?

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Car Rental Specials Canada

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Car Rental Specials Tips:

Car Rental Savers offers a wide range of car rental specials to help you find a better deal. Each specials page contains handpicked car rental discounts related to the page. To get the best of these discounts follow our tips:

  • Discounts are built into the booking engine so you do not need copy and paste codes.
  • Check time frame for weekly and weekend specials to make sure you qualify.
  • Compare rates on discount and destination pages to get the best deal.
  • Book as soon as you know your dates, then check back. Rates change all the time.
  • These specials do not need printouts unless stated.
  • To find car rentals near me use your mobile device and select use my location then allow our site to use your current location.

Car Rental Deals

All our cheapest car rental deals in one place. Check back for new deals or sign up for our emails to get the best car rental deals.

Car Rental Near Me

Take advantage of location services on your mobile device to find the nearest car rental location to you.

Free Upgrades:

Free car rental upgrades for most major providers. We also provide links to print out relevant pages.

One Way Car Rental:

Find all our cheap one way car rental deals in one place. Also featured are one way out of Florida and one way out of Arizona car rentals.

Weekend Specials:

Dedicated to saving you money on your next weekend car rental in Canada. Check your times to make sure you qualify for rates. Many codes require a Saturday night keep.

Weekly Specials:

Most Canadian weekly specials require a minimum of a five day rental. Requirements vary by company; some discount car rental coupons may require a Saturday night rental.

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