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Last Minute Car Rental Discounts Canada

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Cheap Last Minute Car Rental Specials

Enter your airport code and dates in Smart Book. Hit search to activate smart booking for these and more cheap last minute specials:

  • Fort McMurray YMM Hertz Last Minute Car Rental Special from C$402
  • Gillies Bay YGB National Last Minute Car Rental Special from C$375
  • Montreal YUL Airport Budget Mid Size Last Minute Car Rental Special from C$986
  • Ottawa YOW Airport Avis Mid Size Last Minute Car Rental Special from C$1106
  • Prince Albert YPA Airport Avis Mini Van Last Minute Special from C$430
  • Quebec YQB Airport Last Minute Car Rental Special from C$344
  • Regina YQR Alamo Economy Last Minute Car Rental Special from C$373
  • Saskatoon YXE Airport Alamo Last Minute Car Rental Special from C$592
  • Sudbury YSB Avis Mid Size Last Minute Car Rental Special from C$636
  • Thunder Bay YQT Budget Mid Size Last Minute Car Rental Special from C$597
  • Toronto Pearson YYZ Airport Last Minute Car Rental from C$342
  • Yellowknife YZF National Economy Last Minute Car Rental from C$454

NEW! Having trouble finding a rental car in Canada? Check out 5 ways to find a rental car.

** Rate quoted is a guaranteed reservation (secured with a credit card) or Prepaid rate. Check rental terms and conditions for full details. A no show fee may be applied.

All offers are for compact class unless stated and include taxes and fees. Rates requires a 5 day minimum rental, rates will vary by date and are as of 7/28/21. These codes are also good for weekend and weekday rentals. Rates may be subject to change and holiday blackouts.

All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars where available.

To find cheap last minute car rentals near me in Canada use current location when searching on mobile.

Last minute car rental deals are updated every week. Check back right before your rental.

Cheap last minute car rentals are available in other Canadian and US locations as well. Check your location by entering it in the search box.

Please note: these offers may be limited or blacked out on certain dates. Black outs often apply during holiday periods.

Last Minute Car Rental Canada FAQ's

Is it cheaper to rent a car at the last minute in Canada? Sometimes, last minute prices tend to be lower at non peak times and prices rise during peak and holiday periods. Update 2021 - last minute rates are much higher than normal. Book ASAP to get your preferred car.

How do you save money on a last minute car rental in Canada? Comparing multiple rental agencies can save you a bundle, prices can vary considerably. Use CarRentalSavers.ca/LastMinute to automatically apply last minute car rental discounts and coupons to your booking.

What to do if I can't find a last minute car rental? There are several things you can try: be creative with your rental times, booking longer and return as normal. Try other nearby locations and book as early as possible.

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