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Why book with CarRentalSavers.ca?

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How to save money on your next car rental in Canada:

Here are the ten best ways to save money on your next Canadian car rental. We have been helping our customers rent cars since 2008 and saved our customers well over $30 million. These tips will hopefully save you money on your next rental car.

Compare multiple car rental locations - Airport vs off airport:

Car rental rates can vary considerably between locations, even on the same street. Flying into a city with multiple airports? Take varying car rental prices into consideration. Airport locations can be more expensive than off airport locations and vice versa. Make sure you check both locations as rates can vary based on dates.

Compare multiple car rental agencies:

We have seen the price for the same car vary considerably by agency. As an example, we found the price for a compact car at Denver airport was $172 for one agency while over $1,000 for another agency. Although agencies often move prices together there are many cases and situations where one agency will have much lower prices. Use a booking engine that compares multiple agencies when possible.

Apply Canadian specific car rental discounts and car rental coupons:

Car Rental discounts and car rental coupons can save you a considerable amount on your car rental. It can be hard to find valid car coupons that work for your car rental as many have restrictions, short expiration dates or only apply for specific time frames or vehicles. Here at CarRentalSavers.ca we find all the best Canadian coupons and discounts and test them before we add them to our site. Sign up for our email below to get the best car rental coupons in Canada.

Book your car rental as soon as possible:

Sometimes car rental can be an afterthought when booking your vacation. We recommend booking a non-prepaid car rental as soon as possible for several reasons:

  • Get the vehicle you want; some specialty vehicles can sell out quickly.
  • Prices can increase considerably for peak and holiday periods.
  • It can be easy to forget to book a car rental, if you do it as soon as you know your dates you will be ready to go.

If you do forget to book your rental don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out our last minute car rental discounts in Canada to help you save at the last minute.

Don’t purchase car rental add on’s:

A big profit driver for car rental agencies is the add on sales at the car rental counter. Most rental agents receive commissions for selling you insurance an upgrade, prepaid fuel or a GPS unit. Most of these items can be acquired beforehand at a lower cost with some preparation. Remember. We offer collision insurance from $11/day.

Prepare in advance for your car rental:

This goes with the previous item. Make sure you know your insurance needs. Are you going to travel on toll roads? Is there a gas station that is convenient for a return fill up? Advance preparation can help you avoid the purchase of add on’s and avoid additional car rental fees.

Avoid the car rental counter:

Remember, car rental employees at the counter are commissioned sales people. If you can avoid the car rental counter upsell you can save lots of money. Join frequent renter clubs for free to skip the counter or at locations where skip the counter are not available make sure you fill out your additional purchase preferences in advance. Here is our guide to online check in.

Take photos/video of your car rental:

This is especially important for one-way car rentals. Car rental agencies will often give you their worst vehicle to take to another rental station. Taking photos is a good way to protect yourself from any post rental damage claims. They are rare among major rental agencies but can occur with smaller franchised locations and internationally.

Pay by credit card:

Paying for your car rental with a credit card provides several protections and benefits:

  • Credit cards often provide Collision Damage Waiver coverage for your car rental. Make sure to check terms and conditions for details.
  • There are less requirements when using a credit card.
  • If the rental agency requires a hold amount it does not come out of your bank account.
  • Fraud liability is usually limited to $50.
  • If additional charges are applied, they do not come out of your bank account.
We understand that not everyone has or wants a credit card. Here is our guide on how to rent a car with a debit card.

Filter by price – low to high – Manager’s Special:

If you are not particular about the type of vehicle you get or which agency you get filtering search results by low price is a great option for you. Just look for the sort by low to high filter on the top right side of the search results page. Manager’s Special is a guaranteed 4-seater car compact size or up depending on availability. The manager’s special can often be the cheapest option and is a great way to save money while not getting an economy car. Often the cheapest car rental option at several Canadian airport location.

In Conclusion:

Renting a car is one area of your vacation or trip where you can still select a luxury car rental or premium car rental option and save money. Follow our tips and book your car at CarRentalSavers.ca to save money on your next car rental in Canada.

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