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Car Rental Guides Canada

Useful information to improve your rental experience in Canada!

These guides can help you improve your car rental experience in Canada. Saving you time and money on your next car rental is our goal.

Get a Free Additional Driver in Canada

How to get a free additional driver on your next car rental in Canada. This guide shows several ways to add an additional to your car rental for no cost.

Rent with a Debit Card

Guidelines for renting with a debit card and policies from our rental partners in Canada. Debit card polices for rental car agencies in Canada vary considerably. Check this article for details.

Cross Border Car Rental

How to take your rental car across the US/Canadian border, both into the US and into Canada. Policies have changed since COVID-19 so may sure you check our latest guides.

How to find a Rental in Canada

Having trouble finding a car rental in Canada? This guide provides useful tips on how to find a car rental in Canada when they are difficult to locate.

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