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Why book with CarRentalSavers.ca?

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How to find a car rental in Canada:

Have you heard about the carpocalypse coming to Canada? Due to a large sell off of car rental fleets and an increase in travel there is a major shortage of car rentals in USA and Canada.

Reasons for car rental shortage:

  • The coronavirus led to a reduction in travel and car rentals.
  • Car rental agencies sold off large portions of their fleets.
  • Travel restrictions were removed and travel began to increase significantly.
  • Car rental agencies have had difficulty ramping up fleets due to a semi conductor shortage.
  • This has led to a major shortage of vehicles and an increase in price.

Five Ways to Find A Car Rental in Canada:

Don't give up, there are several ways to find a car even when we show sold out for your times and dates.

Step 1 - Try adjusting times and dates:

There are a couple of adjustments you can make - try slight adjustments on the half hour for example. You can try adding additional days on to your reservation. This can show additional rental car availability. If you do book for longer than needed just return as normal. Your rate should be reduced although some agencies may have a minor penalty.

Step 2 - Keep checking car rental availability:

We have seen new inventory being added in several markets. Car rental inventory is currently changing frequently. You can either leave your search open in a browser or use the search url to get updated rates.

Step 3 - Try alternate rental locations:

Off airport car rental locations and other nearby airports should be on your radar. Things to try include taking a hotel shuttle and collecting at your hotel and checking before you plan your trip.

Step 4 - Book early to confirm vehicle availability:

Book your rental via CarRentalSavers.ca as soon as possible to secure your preferred vehicle type and usually to get a better rate. We recommend 6-8 week advance booking.

Step 5 - Compare multiple rental agencies and look at smaller agencies:

Here at CarRentalSavers.ca we allow you to compare multiple agencies in one place with coupons and discounts built in. We have agreements with several smaller agencies too.

Tip - When a location is sold out of rental cars we have also seen limited availability of other transportation options.

In Conclusion

With a few small adjustments and a little time spent you should be able to find a car rental in Canada. If you are still having issues just click on the feedback tab and request our experts help you.

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