Why book with CarRentalSavers.ca? Coupons and discounts built in to Save Time and Money!

Why book with CarRentalSavers.ca?

Save on average 30% vs Expedia
Over $30 Million saved and 6 Million Served
Free Cancellation, No Credit Card to book
Canadian Car Rental Discounts built in

CarRentalSavers.ca Booking Tool

Learn about our discounted Canadian booking tool!

Here at CarRentalSavers.ca we are all about saving you time and money on your car rental. We have partnered with Priceline to bring you a unique booking experience.

We have developed a car rental booking tool - Smart Book, that includes the best publicly available coupon codes to save you time and money. On each page, you will find car rental discounts included that are relevant to the content. For example: on the Visa Discounts page we have included the Visa discounts so you do not have to go to every providers page.

Some of these car rental discounts may have requirements and these are mentioned on the page. For example: the codes on the CARP Discounts page require CARP membership.

Key benefits include:

  • Quick comparison of discounted car rental rates in one place (Florida)(CARP)(Last Minute) etc.
  • No need to copy and paste or search for multiple codes.
  • Booking is quick and simple and does not require a credit card or have any fee.*
  • You can cancel or modify at anytime.*
  • Rates compare to Hotwire or Priceline with no bidding or penalties.
  • Car Rental Savers will assist with any rental issues.
  • Our systems are connected to the rental agencies so you get a confirmation number from both.
  • Save time and money while still getting great rates on your car rental.
  • *Excludes prepaid or guarateed reservation rates - check rental terms and conditions for full details.

What is the best way to use Smart Book?
Start off searching from the home page. Check car rental rates to get an idea of how expensive your car rental will be. Check our featured car rental specials to see if any apply to your rental. Then check our destination pages (e.g. Florida) and discount pages (e.g. Visa, AARP) to see if any apply. Book the best rate you can find.

Can I add my codes to your car rental discounts or use my own?
Yes, enter your destination and travel information into Smart Book and hit search to compare rates. On the right hand of the page click the magnifying glass, click advanced search then enter your codes in the relevant fields.

Discounts are not showing up?
You must hit the search button for car rental discounts to be applied. Also, sometimes discounts may not be available for your booking.

What do I do if i have an issue with booking?
Contact our reservation care number at 1-877-477-7441 or email us.

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